To The Zero Line (Part 1)


War focuses the mind on the essence of life. Family, friends, food, heritage, what you’ll fight for, what you might die to keep. The choices one makes each morning when the sun rises. 

To The Zero Line takes place during a time of war, during the full scale invasion of a European country, Ukraine. At stake are the hospitals, churches, music, art, children, pregnant women, expectant fathers, against a force determined to murder all of it. Genocide. 

You experience the perpetual cycle of life of the invaded, the birth of two children, a wedding, death, the loss of a loved one, Soldiers in battle on the zero line, and back in the cities, towns and villages each person has his or her own personal zero line. 

You experience people from outside the country flooding in to help in what ways they can. Each adding a small part to a big puzzle.  

You might ask yourself. How am I so different? What would I do if death comes knocking on my door or my parents’ door or my school door or my church’s door. The film is an opportunity to think for yourself. 

Everybody in life is going to the Zero Line. The point of contact with your worst fears. Where the enemy is. Horrible hours, and brutal seconds. Where you need true friends and your best moments.